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Glass Sandblasting, Frosting, "Etching"

“Less is more…”  There is nothing that gives more beauty, elegance, richness and permanence to glass than having it sandblasted.  Sandblasting into glass brings out the natural color and texture of the glass to make the graphic solid, rich and breathtaking.  Glass Graphics can sandblast any design into most any glass.  Based on your budget and overall aesthetic goal we specialize in everything from light surface frosting, to half-toning, to all the way up to, multi-level deep carving.
Following is an explanation of the differences between the sandblasting, etching, carving, and frosting terms:
Glass Sandblasting
Sandblasting is a process whereby a media, (in the old days, sand) was forced through a hose via compressed air at a very high pressure and speed and was shot onto the glass.  When the media hits the glass it makes microscopic scratches into the glass.  As you continue to blast, these scratches become larger and closer together, eventually filling in together and resulting in a full frosted area.   Today a variety of media, such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, sand, certain ground up shells, and other gritty materials are used to achieve different effects in sandblasting.
Glass Etching
Etching is technically a chemical process whereby hydrofluoric (sp) acid is applied to the glass.  As long as this chemical in contact with the glass, the acid burns into the glass, and the glass becomes “etched” or frosted.  In the US, hydrofluoric acid is considered to be a dangerous and highly corrosive chemical and is tightly regulated by the EPA.   As a result, most acid etchers are today found in other countries.
Frosted Glass
Frosting is simply the overall look, or effect achieved from either sandblasting or etching, or if using a frosted looking film.
Glass Carving
Carving is achieved during the sandblasting process by holding the nozzle longer in the desired locations, blasting your way deeper and deeper into the glass to achieve a desired effect.  In many glass art pieces this carving can be done in multiple stages, creating multiple depths to really the piece look 3 dimensional and rich.  For more information on our glass carving work, please click this phrase.

Following are examples of our work that can be considered to be sandblasted, frosted, or etched: