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Glass Counter / Table Tops

Glass Graphics has provided standard and custom sized glass table tops for a variety of applications including dining room tables, kitchen tables, conference room tables, coffee tables and much more. These tables may range from ¼” thick, to 3/8” thick, to ½” thick, to ¾” thick. We can provide a variety of edge choices such as pencil polished, flat polished, beveled, and ogee edges. (See “Glassary” for the difference).
Or… for that totally unique look. Glass Graphics can fabricate your table edge with what we call a custom ‘Bark Edge’. Unique to Glass Graphics, no 2 bark edge glass pieces are ever the same, as each piece is handmade and barked one chip at a time. The result is a totally custom ‘ chipped look’ around the perimeter of the glass. We can make these edges either polished or frosted. Please see this page for more on glass edge types.
Custom Cast Glass Table Tops
Unique to Glass Graphics. We can create custom cast glass that can be used for counter tops, tables, and wall hangings. We have the ability to cast several layers of glass into 1 super thick countertop to reach thickness of anywhere between 1” and 3” thick… yes, of solid glass! In addition we can custom mold the glass into a variety of textures, edges, and looks, and then shape the glass to most any configuration. The edges can be rough, textured, polished, or for a unique look, try a drip edge. Add LED lighting to this top and you suddenly have a unique, unusual contemporary focal point for your kitchen, bar or other area.

The gallery below contains examples of our glass counter and table top work: